From inaction to enaction

Government deadlock, excessive litigation, and civic disengagement are all symptoms of a climate of distrust that undermines economic, civic, and social progress.

It is clear that a mediated, balanced, and transparent process for negotiation, consensus-building, and issue resolution is a growing need in today’s increasingly complex commercial and governmental environment. Yet tools for enabling this process are lacking—particularly those with the power to support multi-stakeholder decision-making and the management of the agreements that emerge from it.

At E-Nact Solutions, we are launching a revolutionary experiment—resolving seemingly intractable problems using a tested methodology and integrated online software platform that combines the best of human insight with the power of a digital experience.  For the first time, an engagement framework and associated online tool will reliably enable a group of stakeholders to converge on desired outcomes (e.g., a deal, a charter, a business plan, a policy approach) and work untethered from the organizational and cultural overhead that too often constrains the opportunity horizon.

E-Naction provides the means to settle complex issues, ensuring each side’s concerns and interests are expressed and balanced, and transparently establishes accountability to manage fulfillment of each side’s measurable and intended outcomes. This approach—derived solely from experience in successful engagements and rooted in common sense—is unique in today’s marketplace.