Presently we are developing a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding proposal for the National Science Foundation in the U.S. The SBIR program requires participants to conduct a feasibility study; to develop an experimental platform for their innovative concept and collect data about its viability. This process is an interesting counterpoint to the more prescribed software start-up process of iterative development based on pursuing perceived markets until the product’s capabilities align with consumer demands or needs.

Pursuing this scientific approach has focused us on the isolating the significant variables that constitute the value in the product. By pursuing a data-driven approach, the presumed value that we have “hypothesized” that resides within E-Nact can be systematically revealed, tested, and measured. Unexpected results and values can be worked iteratively into the product’s design, and we can proceed knowing that the product is validated as providing value when contrasted with a baseline set of control activities.

We believe E-Nact provides transcendent value as a product and methodology with a fundamentally novel approach to facilitating and guide group in an on-line domain. We’re looking to use science to abet our narrative about the advantage we think E-Nact provides.

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