Thinking, Planning, and Acting

At its core, E-Nact! is a platform to accelerate and humanize multi-stakeholder thinking, planning, and action. Its design enables participants to step back from the swirl of day-to-day concerns and slow the process of consideration down so that their thought processes can rise to the meet the challenges and complex dynamics inherent in multi-party processes. Consciously choosing a safe place to think, consider, ponder, and explore, with the attendant capacity to express and delineate those thoughts is, we think, a unique design point.

We assert that successful group planning processes require an up-front investment in alignment — of language and the background of understanding, as well as of the sense of relatedness shared among the parties. Too often, the prevailing mindset of competition and confrontation becomes the mechanism that groups employ as the background for their interactions. This is not a fault, but merely a default. E-Nact! brings the unexamined approaches to light such that participants have the opportunity adopt a new mindset and new mechanisms for expressing and balancing interests, and doing so in a way that opens new possible horizons for solution that would not have been otherwise explored.

Action is intrinsic to E-Nact!’s design. Fundamentally, its purpose is to orient participants to follow through on the commitments they make as part of the process such that accomplishment of the intended outcomes is assured. E-Nact! introduces a literacy of action orientation that situates participants in state of balance and ease with regard to the outcomes from the process.

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