Transforming Multi-stakeholder Interaction

E-Naction is a new and novel platform designed to enable a significant and valid acceleration of negotiated results in multi-faceted, multi-stakeholder resolution, development, and  consensus building efforts. When successfully deployed, we assert that The E-Naction process will result in maximized economic and/or social value to all parties while minimizing the overhead required to deliver those results.

Applicable across a wide variety of activity domains, E-Naction begins with a software platform that effectuates an operational model that normalizes the terms and vocabulary used in a given multi-party interaction, providing an iterative, inquiry-driven pathway to resolve breakdowns in understanding and commitment in a transparent and time-boxed fashion. By using a set of defined speech-acts that have been determined to pull participants into committed action, E-Naction provides a pathway toward specific, measurable outcomes reliably and transparently. Further, E-Naction provides the structures for accountability after engaging with the process, motivating users to fulfill the promises and commitments offered.

E-Naction is the result of ongoing effort to overcome seemingly intractable multi-stakeholder group-related problems or issues such that they can be systematically approached and solved using the heuristic and software platform under development. For the first time, a platform can reliably enable a group of stakeholders to converge on potential desired outcomes (e.g., a deal, a charter, a business plan, a policy approach, etc.) and to work free from the organizational and cultural overhead that too often constrains the opportunity horizon of such outcomes.

E-Naction provides the means to settle complex issues such that each side’s concerns and interests are expressed and balanced, and transparently establishes accountability to manage fulfillment of each side’s specific, measurable intended outcomes. We assert that this approach – derived solely from experience in successful engagements and rooted in common sense – is nonetheless unique in today’s marketplace.

E-Naction fills a need for a platform that is both highly collaborative, and which focuses participants on reliably delivering specific outcomes that drive the expansion of the field of possible outcomes, resulting in realization of greater value from multi-stakeholder processes. E-Naction combines linguistics, social dynamics, and game theory in a unique way that succeeds by focusing collaborative processes on intended outcomes and by providing a third-party to drive resolution.

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