Deal making and resolution is one of the use cases for E-Nact! In some ways it is a root case in terms of the real-world process it was conceived as untangling: deal making in the short line rail industry.

This is intrinsically multi-party, and intrinsically complex give all the real constituencies that must be served.

From experience, we see the number one impediment in that arena — complex multi-party deal-making convening numerous public and private entities — is a consistent complaint:  the “not doing small deals because they take as much time as the big deals” syndrome. The friction and overhead involved in the process scales upward when you add multiple parties. And the patterns for the existing resolution and deliberation model is fixed on multi-year cycles, not 60 day sprints to movement that we’re talking about with E-Nact!

We have built E-Nact to address the overhead component of complex deal making, and consensus building. It is a reliable process that enables all parties to maximize their interests — transparently and in agreed-to running order. Value conveys from this maximization of interest.

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